Subscription Plans

Enjoy the thrill of gaming without the hassle of choosing – if you love surprises or simply want to take the decision-making out of the equation, our Mystery Box plans are crafted just for you! Share your preferences, and anticipate a curated box of fantastic rental games every month. Tailor the frequency of pickup & deliveries to suit your preferences, and voilà, you're all set for an amazing game time! Plus, with our subscription plans, you get the added convenience of free delivery and pickup, leaving you all set to dive into and focus solely on playing!

Happy Farmer Box

Savor the essence of every game at your own pace, relishing the joy of replaying them in a relaxed joyful manner, without the pressure to rush the return process. Our Mystery Box subscription offers 2 to 4 games with varying complexities and ranges, allowing you to indulge in these games throughout the month before swapping them out for your next delivery.


Busy Bees Box

Experience the thrill of new games every two weeks with the Busy Bees Mystery Box subscription. Enjoy a rotation of 1 to 3 games, spanning from straightforward card games to intricate Eurogames and beyond. Refreshing your selection regularly adds an exciting twist, delivering a diverse and flavorful gaming experience.                              


Mad Hatter Box

Embrace the gamer within that the world longs for! Whether you're seeking moments of self-care immersed in our games, being the heart and soul of every game night, or simply relishing in the joy of exploring new games weekly, we've got you covered! Our Mystery Box subscription delivers 1 or 2 games to you every week throughout the month, continuously refreshing your collection for exciting challenges and endless fun.

Modify, Pause or Terminate Subscription Plan

Whether you prefer to upgrade or downgrade your mystery box subscription plan, take a hiatus and pause your subscription, or cancel your subscription entirely and opt for drop-in game reservations, it's completely up to you. You have the flexibility to make these changes at any time. Please provide your name, email address associated with your subscription, and your message to get in touch with us and update your preferences accordingly.