Get ready to dive into the world of Dixit, a multi-award winning game of creative guesswork! The game features 84 stunningly illustrated cards, each with its own unique, dreamlike artwork that will ignite your imagination and transport you to a realm of mystery and wonder. In Dixit, your storytelling skills are put to the test as you craft tales inspired by the images on your cards. Your opponents must then guess which card inspired your story. But be careful! If everyone, or no one, guesses your card, you get no points. The game is as much about strategy as it is about creativity, making for a thrilling and engaging experience every time you play. Perfect for parties, family gatherings, or just a fun night in, Dixit is easy to learn and endlessly entertaining, and offers a truly immersive and enchanting gaming experience. Suitable for players aged 8 and up, it's a game that transcends age and language barriers. Rent the Dixit Board game today and embark on a whimsical journey of imagination and fun!

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